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NY Parents Push for Statewide Relief on Underfunded Schools

The appeal at issue involves three consolidated cases that accuse various state officials of trampling students’ rights to a sound basic education by underfunding of the New York City School District by billions of dollars. After the Manhattan Supreme Court refused New York’s efforts to dismiss the case, an appellate panel largely affirmed last year, […]

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Education Policymakers, Advocates Turn to School Aid Formula

ALBANY – With cuts made during the recession now restored, education policymakers and stakeholders are focusing on how school aid is distributed – a review that could lead to the revamping of the state’s nearly decade-old funding formula, long a point of contention in past legislative sessions. The political environment of the 2017-18 budget could […]

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The Central Crisis in New York Education

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s forthcoming State of the State address is expected to focus on what can be done to improve public education across the state. If he is serious about the issue, he will have to move beyond peripheral concerns and political score-settling with the state teachers’ union, which did not support his re-election, and […]

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States Sued Over Education Funding

Any week now, the Kansas Supreme Court will rule on a lawsuit filed by parents and school districts alleging that school spending cuts violate the state’s constitution, which promises “suitable” funding for public education. In New York last week, an education advocacy group filed suit claiming the state is nearly $4 billion short of fulfilling […]

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Major Test of New York School Funding

New York is violating its constitution by failing to provide basic public education for all its students, parents claim in court. New Yorkers for Students’ Educational Rights and 15 parents claim in New York County Supreme Court that the state reneged on a commitment to provide substantial funding increases to New York City schools and […]

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