February 14, 2014

Major Test of New York School Funding

New York is violating its constitution by failing to provide basic public education for all its students, parents claim in court.
New Yorkers for Students’ Educational Rights and 15 parents claim in New York County Supreme Court that the state reneged on a commitment to provide substantial funding increases to New York City schools and other districts throughout the state over a four-year phase-in period.
The funding increase was part of an education reform law enacted by the Legislature in 2007 in response to nine years of New York Court of Appeals rulings.
In the underlying lawsuits, all captioned Campaign for Fiscal Equity Inc. v. State of New York, the court found that the state constitution requires all children attending public school to have the opportunity for sound basic education. The Court of Appeals defined a meaningful high school education as one that prepares students for competitive employment and civic participation…

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